Please note the following AutomaCon mentions on industry blogs, podcasts, and other news media outlets. Please contact us to let us know if you have published some content that's not listed here.

New for 2016

Formal media partnerships are new for AutomaCon 2.0, so we are being selective about who we extend media partnerships to, and how many media outlets we will partner with. The goal of the media partnership program is to help promote AutomaCon – ensuring for our presenters and sponsors that AutomaCon will reach a broader audience.

Media Partnership Prospectus

Thank you for your interest in covering AutomaCon 2.0. As a vendor-agnostic event, high quality content is the foundation we build our events upon, and we think there are mutually beneficial opportunities to distribute that content via various media outlets.

To learn more about our Media Partner program, or to apply for a Media Partnership, please contact us today.

Mutual Event Promotion
  • Media Partner will promote the AutomaCon 2.0 event via its website(s), blog(s), social media account(s), newsletter(s), etc

  • One (1) Media Partner event (e.g. pancake breakfast, hosted after-party, etc) will be promoted via the AutomaCon website(s), blog(s), social media account(s), newsletter(s), etc

Content Referral Program
  • AutomaCon Organizers will recruit interviewees and guest post authors for Media Partner content outlets

  • Interviewees and guest post authors may be conference presenters, sponsors, or organizers

  • Referrals will start in March/April 2016

Sponsor Referral Program
  • Media Partner will receive a 10% referral fee for direct sponsorship referrals

Media Sponsorship
  • Registration for up to three (3) Media Partner personnel to attend AutomaCon 2.0

  • Up to $1,000 in travel expenses (airfare and lodging only)