The Schedule

AutomaCon is a single-track event designed to cross promote ideas from the various disparate communities that we as devops practictioners are a members of. Some of our presenters were invited to speak, though the majority were selected via a public CFP. Ample morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks are scheduled to allow for "hallway track" discussions, while keeping everyone in the same room for the actual presentations.

NOTE: click on the presentations to expand them and view the presentation abstract and other details.

September 27, 2016 — "Hackday"

8:00 AM
9:30 AM
Welcome to Hackday @ AutomaCon 2.0
by Michael Stahnke @ Puppet
9:45 AM
Fear, Uncertainty, and Continuous Deployment
by Eric Sigler , Head of DevOps @ PagerDuty
9:55 AM
Bots Not Cattle
by Josh Berkus , Project Atomic Community Lead @ Red Hat
10:05 AM
Being an introvert at a conference is not as hellish as you think it is.
by JJ Asghar , Sr Partner Engineer @ Chef
10:15 AM
Rust's Community Automation
by E. Dunham , DevOps Engineer @ Mozilla
10:25 AM
A culture of safety: minimizing misery in regulated environments
by Elliot Murphy @ Kindly Ops
10:35 AM
An introduction to AutomaCon Workshops
by Michael Stahnke @ Puppet
10:40 AM
Kubernetes for Sysadmins
by Kelsey Hightower , Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform @ Google
11:55 AM
12:10 PM
Building atop Kubernetes: from fleet to Kubernetes
by Jason Hansen @ DEIS
1:25 PM
2:40 PM
Augmented Reality with JFrog Artifactory : Metadata to automate pipelines from Dev to Ops
by Baruch Sadogursky , Developer Advocate @ JFrog
3:55 PM
4:05 PM
Open Space(s), AutomaCon-style!
by You! , AutomaCon Attendees @ AutomaCon
6:30 PM
Presenters Dinner

September 28, 2016

8:00 AM
9:30 AM
AutomaCon 2.0 Kickoff
by Caleb Hailey @ Heavy Water
9:40 AM
KEYNOTE: Infrastructure as Code Might Literally Be Impossible, part 2.
by Joe Damato , Founder, CEO @
10:35 AM
Automating Kubernetes Cluster Ops at Digital Ocean
by Dan Norris , Software Engineer @ Digital Ocean
10:55 AM
11:05 AM
11:25 AM
Open Source, Supply Chains, and You!
by Robyn Bergeron , Community Architect, Ansible @ Red Hat
11:50 AM
The Network is Infrastructure Too
by Pete Lumbis , Systems Engineer @ Cumulus Networks
12:10 PM
Psychology and Security Automation
by Jason Chan , Engineering Director @ Netflix
12:35 PM
2:05 PM
Habitat 101, An Introduction to Habitat
by Joshua Timberman , Code Cleric @ Chef
2:30 PM
Achieving continuous deployment on Kubernetes
by Dan Bode , Senior Engineer @ Intel
2:50 PM
Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
by Seth Vargo , Head of Evangelism @ Hashicorp
3:10 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
Unikernels: A New Frontier
by John Feminella , Advisor @ Pivotal
3:50 PM
State of Infrastructure as Code
by Chris Munns , Business Development Manager — DevOps @ Amazon Web Services
4:10 PM
Everybody has a plan until... — Automation Evolution While Scaling
by Pete Cheslock , Sr Director Ops and Support @ Threat Stack
4:30 PM
by Caleb Hailey , President @ Heavy Water
5:15 PM
Family Fun Night @ the Portland Art Museum!

September 29, 2016

8:00 AM
9:35 AM
by Caleb Hailey , President @ Heavy Water
9:40 AM
KEYNOTE: Abstractions and Metaphors: building better tools and processes by caring about words
by Nigel Kersten , CIO & VP of Operations @ Puppet
10:25 AM
10:30 AM
Operations anti-patterns: how our bad habits harm systems reliability.
by Sam Kottler , Engineering Manager @ GitHub
10:50 AM
11:15 AM
Don’t Stop Believing: Our Infrastructure as Code Journey at Paperless Post
by Bethany Erskine , Staff Systems Engineer @ Paperless Post
11:35 AM
Infra as Code: The Organizational Bottleneck and the Shared Service Anti-Pattern
by Evan Gilman , Ops Engineer @ PagerDuty
11:55 AM
Scaling A Volunteer Run Internet Exchange, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Automation
by Bronwyn Lewis @ SFMIX
12:15 PM
1:55 PM
Code Review for Operations
by Spencer Krum , Engineer @ IBM / OpenStack
2:15 PM
MTLS in a Microservices World
by Diogo Monica , Security Lead @ Docker
2:40 PM
Metrics are Infra, Metrics are Code: Yelp’s time series data at scale
by Zach Musgrave , Technical Lead @ Yelp
3:00 PM
3:05 PM
3:30 PM
Organic, Free-Range Automation: A Release Engineering Story
by Morgan Rhodes , Release Engineer @ Puppet
3:50 PM
Network Infrastructure as Code
by Lori MacVittie , Technical Evangelist @ F5 Networks
4:10 PM
Reflections on a year of DevOps Transformations — a.k.a. "Tell me again how you thought this would be easy?"
by George Peden , Practice Lead, Technology Enablement @ Slalom Consulting
4:35 PM
Improving Customer Experience through Infrastructure Automation
by Brandon Burton , Infrastructure Conductor @ Travis CI
4:55 PM
5:30 PM
AutomaCon 2.0 After Party!